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Carded bead cord

Griffin carded bead cord - the best of over 140 years of experience.

Have you had a lovely idea for an item of jewellery, and do you want to use quality pearl silk on small cards? If so, then Griffin has precisely what you are looking for!

Griffin pearl silk on small cards - traditional and of the finest quality

Griffin pearl silk on small cards has been a consistent favourite in our range for generations, and is one of the preferred arrangement materials for many creative jewellery artists. The superlative aesthetic and technical properties are the hallmark feature of GRIFFIN pearl silk on small cards. These are the perfect conditions for stringing together or knotting the loveliest of chains.

Purest nature - Griffin pearl silk on small cards - made of 100% natural silk.

There is scarcely a jewellery idea out that cannot be turned into reality effectively with the help of Griffin pearl silk on small cards. Wrapped onto practical little cards, it is easy to hold and, using the needle provided, is ideal for stringing up jewellery elements such as crystal-cut pearls, culture peals and precious stones. Available in different colours and sizes, the Griffin pearl silk does more than define the shape of a chain or a wrist loop. Selected to suit the size of drilled holes in the jewellery elements being employed, it is virtually invisible and in the appropriate choice of colour, it highlights the charismatic impact of apparently translucent pearls and precious stones. Our pearl silk enables combinations of pearls, gemstones and stylish spacers look every iota as refined as uniformly knotted, naturally beautiful strings of pearls.

From the intricate stringing of minute 'Rocailles' pearls to multiple strands of chains and wrist loop shapes - all of these operations can be performed in an uncomplicated and quick way using Griffin pearl silk on our small cards. For more extensive jewellery projects, it is advisable to revert to pearl sorting platters or stringing plates. You can find all of these, alongside all of the clasps, end pieces and other accessories you may need, in our online shop. You are most welcome to let yourself be inspired by our comprehensive selection of pearl and gemstones for your jewellery ideas on pearl silk. We aim for the highest standards of quality with all of our products. You will also find evidence of this aspiration with our Griffin pearl silk on small cards. Because it is only when the quality of an individually created jewellery item is right that it can satisfy your very personal jewellery idea.

Pearls & Stones

Pearl & Stones - The fascination of jewellery design

Are you looking for high-calibre Pearls & Stones (pearls and jewels) for beautiful designer jewellery? Then let yourself be inspired by our 'Pearls & Stones' range!

Pearls & Stones that deliver impact to your jewellery creations.

Ranging from drilled precious stones to the finest of glass pearl collections and the noblest of freshwater-cultivated pearls, our Pearls & Stones range has everything you need to make your personal jewellery ideas into reality. We take to heart the need to provide the best of quality to achieve the most beautiful of results in jewellery design.

The appropriate Pearls & Stones for individual jewellery design.

More often than not ideas for the choice of suitable Pearls & Stones appear alongside your first notions for a new item of jewellery. Centuries ago, the rarity of individual Pearls & Stones was what made their impact and their value. That has all changed over the last few generations. An item of jewellery is no longer necessarily required to express the wealth and power of a person. It is much more about expressing the personal qualities and preferences of an individual, and about skilfully modelling the image of oneself that is projected to the world. Even when viewed in this way, the quality of the Pearls & Stones used still has to be outstanding.

In order to offer appropriate Pearls & Stones for every idea associated with jewellery design, you will find a huge selection of grades, colours and sizes in our online shop. And quantity in no way impairs quality. For example, we have been working for years with the experienced and renowned pearl production company Jablonex from Bohemia. At the present time, this company provides us with one of the most beautiful collections of fire-polished glass pearls, crystal-cut pearls and Bohemian 'Rocailles'. Our freshwater-cultivated pearls are also of a jewellery-quality standard. The precious stones in our 'Pearls & Stones' range also combine the finest of quality with natural beauty, ably expressed by high-calibre surface finishing.

GRIFFIN Jewelry Wire

GRIFFIN Jewelry Wire is produced from miniature stainless steel wires that are intertwined to create their special flexibility, softness and strength. The transparent GRIFFIN HiFlex nylon sheath highlights the natural colour of the stainless steel and assures a long service life, durable flexibility and good protection against wear.

GRIFFIN Jewelry Wire is actually so soft and flexible that it can be knotted.

Moreover, GRIFFIN Jewelry Wire does not require additional needles for the threading of even the tiniest of pearls.

GRIFFIN Jewelry Wire is available with a choice of 49 or 19 strands.

GRIFFIN Jewelry Wire, 49 strands

This is the softest and most flexible variant of the GRIFFIN jewelry wires and is ideally suited for professional jewelry design applications. 49-strand GRIFFIN Jewelry Wire is just as perfectly suited to pearls as it is to large jewels.

GRIFFIN Jewelry Wire, 19 strands

19-strand GRIFFIN jewelry wire is the ideal all-round jewelry wire for jewelry creations that combine softness and flexibility. It is the less costly alternative to 49-strand GRIFFIN Jewelry Wire.

19-strand GRIFFIN Jewelry Wire is also available plated with 24 carat gold plate or with 925-grade Sterling silver.

20.03.2013: New Shipping costs at GRIFFIN -Griffin GmbH offers a basic shipping rate to its customers, so that the customers also benefit from our favourable conditions.
21.03.2013: GRIFFIN offers an extra discount of 30 % on all GRIFFIN Pearls & Stones

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